sábado, 14 de diciembre de 2013

Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend

Katniss was selected for the hunger games of this year. I was very surprised when the woman with pink hair took a paper from the box and said the name of Prim. I had more probability to be chosen than any of them. This year my name appear in the ballot box more than other years because I had done use of some of the helps for feed my family. Oh my god! My brave Katniss was volunteer when her little sister, Prim, was selected for the games. Katniss wanted to save her so she decided to go in the place of the child. Now She will go to the TV shows to fight for her life and try to survive.

I can't imagine my life with out her. She was being my best friend since always, my platonic love, my companion of hunting…She is important in my life, more than she knows.

The doors opens and I go into the little but luxurious room. Katniss was there, wildly beautifull, like always. She looks calm, but I know her perfectly and I know that she is afraid and nerves inside herself. She looks me completly serious, with the fire in her eyes burning with rage. She really hates the Capitolium, now more than never.

-Gale, promise me that you are going to help my family, and be always with them if I don´t come back.

Her last words hurt me with the reality, maybe this is the last time that I see her, that I touch her, that I hear her nice voice. Maybe the last time to say that I love her.

-Promise me! - She screams.
-I promise you.

I hugged her with all my love. I not usually hug her, she doesn't like to be touch for anybody. I thought she would escape from my arms, but she hug me too.

-I can´t go away and leave my family unprotected. Prim is very young and my mother isn´t okey for taking care of my sister. Somebody has to take care of them, feed them, help them if the things with the Capitolium go worst.

-Don´t worry, I will be there, and you too, because you are going to win this games and come back home with food, fame and glory.

I look her blue eyes trying to don't lose me in them. - You have to win. -I now that she goes to try it, but she is not convinced about it is possible. -For Prim.

The time to goodbye finished very fast, more than I would like it. The security men came into the room with violence and they took me away against of my will.

Katniss scream and try to keep me with her. It is avail. The door is closed and I can only scream last words "I love you".

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